Tiger is Home

💥 Name Tiger is Home
✅ Official website videogameblog.info
🎰 Slots 51
🎮 Game modes Free Money / Real Money
💎 Jackpot Yes
💵 Real Prizes No
🏆 Most popular games Valentine, The Maya, Olympus Keno, The Snowman, Magical Christmas


Do you love to play slots but don't want to risk your own money? Are you ready to participate in competitions with valuable prizes? Are you looking for a reliable and safe site with legal online games? Then Tigerishome free sweeps coins site is the best choice for you! About 50 games of various genres, a user-friendly and well-adaptive interface for different browsers, simple and quick registration, legal activities - this is not a complete list of the project's advantages. The official Tigershome.com sweepstakes site opens up the widest possibilities for players. Among them, players deserve special attention:

  • varied assortment of genres in the game room;
  • absolute security of customers' personal data;
  • free mode of all games available in online casino;
  • presence of demos that allow you to explore the games;
  • fair draws without players investing their money;
  • regular appearance of new slots on Tiger is Home;
  • accumulation of experience, opening access to new games.

All this complements the opportunity to win real prizes. Players can use the sweep coins won in slots, card games, keno and sagas from Tigerishome com sweepstakes to participate in contests and sweepstakes. The prospect of winning a valuable present is combined with the ability to communicate with other players. This can be done on the project forum and in the Tiger Home group on Facebook. You will find detailed information about this free casino online in this review. It also offers a guide for those wishing to register on the project and reviews of real players.

Before proceeding to the main part of the review, we will provide general information about the portal. Tigeris home is an online project founded in 2018 at Clemson University, South Carolina. It takes its name from the names of teams in a number of popular sports that play in college leagues. Initially, the site was created to entertain players and fans during travel. However, the creative approach of the developers has led to a rapid increase in popularity. Within a few months, the number of users registered on Tigerishome com sweepstakes exceeded ten thousand, and the geography of visits went far beyond Clemson.

The popularity of the project continues to grow today. In 2022, Tiger at home is an international online resource with over 140,000 registered users. The portal presents more than 50 games of different genres. Moreover, the range of slots, keno, card games, & sagas is constantly updated. The ability to play from home sweepstakes Tiger without registration (demos are not available for all games) allows each player to be convinced of the excellent quality of the software and a really high return. To access all Tigerishome free casino online games, you need to register. No deposit is required to play, and sweeps coins won can be used to participate in contests with real cash prizes.

⭐ Tigerishome login and play

Only certain games can be played without an account registered on the site. Demo versions are only available for 15-20 slots. Tigerishome.com login is required to access all games. To create an account, follow these steps:

  1. Open the registration form by pressing the Sign up button.
  2. Fill in all empty fields (referral code, email, password).
  3. Confirm sending the questionnaire with the Sign up button (under the form).
  4. Receive an email message and confirm your registration.


If you have any difficulties filling out the questionnaire, you do not receive a registration confirmation letter to the address you specified, or you have any other difficulties with Tigerishome.com login, use the Troubleshooting section. We add that registration on the site is possible using any browser on a computer or mobile device.

🎰 Top games

Like regular online casinos, Tigerishome com sweepstakes has the most popular games among players. They are most often played, which increases the chances of a high return. Therefore, choosing such slots gives players the opportunity to win more sweeps coins, which can be used to participate in the draws on Tiger at home. For the convenience of users registered on the project, TOP games are displayed first on the main page.


Naturally, they regularly change their positions. However, several games are among the most popular on Tigerishome almost always. This group includes:

  • Woods of Magic multiline slot;
  • Maya Adventures multiline slot;
  • The Golden Bullet keno;
  • Green Dragon card game;
  • Tuthankhamon's Gold multiline slot.

Please note that the multiline slots listed here are also the most popular in the Jackpot Games category. However, the jackpot draw is only available to players who have completed a Tiger is home login. In demo mode, this feature is disabled, which is another advantage of registering on a project.

🔎 How to play Tiger is home slots

As already noted, the site can be played in two modes - demo and normal. In the first case, players can play from home sweepstakes Tiger without registration. It is enough to choose a slot, keno or card game with the Try demo button. After selecting this mode, a simplified version of the game is loaded. It may lack some features. For example, in the slots on Tiger is Home, the demo version does not support participation in the jackpot draw. In addition, for games that can level up in normal mode, this functionality is disabled in the demo.

Another feature of the game on Tigershome.com sweepstakes without registration is the absence of restrictions on the number of free coins. To simplify the procedure, they are not even displayed on the balance sheet. In the same way, all coins won in this mode disappear. Playing in normal mode is possible only after authorization on the project. In this format, all games are available to players. However, to access some of them, you need to accumulate some experience. The icons of such games display the required amount of experience that opens access.

🕹 Gameplay

All games presented on the Tigeris home website in normal and demo modes are characterized by unique gameplay. A detailed description of each of them can be found after its launch. A special button allows you to get acquainted not only with the rules, but also with the payout table. In general, the algorithm of the player's actions in each game consists of the following steps:

  • launching the game in one of the selected modes (Play game / Try demo);
  • choice of rate, number of lines and other available parameters;
  • gameplay control in manual or automatic modes.

In addition, authorized users can participate in various contests and sweepstakes. For this, sweep coins won in Tigeris home games are used. The conditions of each draw can be found on the website or in the Facebook group. Please note that some draws are available to players only after they have reached a certain gaming level.

Features of the gameplay on Tigerishome com sweepstakes online also depend on the type of game. There are four main categories here, each of which differs not only in the rules, but also in the gameplay itself. These categories are:

  • Slots. This includes games with reels and lines. Moreover, in the Tiger Home gaming hall, slots are divided into multiline and single line.
  • Keno. Here are machines with various online versions of the popular multiplayer table lottery.
  • Card games. This includes different versions of poker, baccarat, blackjack. These games differ from offline versions in the absence of a live dealer.
  • Saga. Here are different games with the ability to level up. Genres can mix - slots, keno and card games.

Regardless of whether you are familiar with the general gameplay algorithms of each category or not, before playing a new game for yourself, be sure to familiarize yourself with its rules. Moreover, even if you know the rules of keno or Card Game, find out if there are any changes in Tigerishome login version.

💥 Tips and Tricks

Despite the fact that the game at Tigershome.com sweepstakes does not involve real money betting and does not provide an opportunity to win cash, the specifics of the project have something in common with regular online casinos. We are talking about excitement, which is present due to the player's interest in obtaining free sweep coins (as noted earlier, they can be used in contests with real prizes). For this reason, our review offers several useful tips -x tricks for players who want to consistently achieve success. We list the main points that should be paid attention not only to beginners, but also to experienced gamers:

  • Correctly calculate the available amount of sweep coins. Depending on the volatility - RTP, it is recommended to have an amount for 20 - 50 bets on the account.
  • Choose popular games. In them, the player has more chances of success. Use sorting on Tigerishome com sweepstakes to select.
  • Play in a sober and mentally balanced state. Free slots Tiger at home work on the same algorithms as casino games.
  • Control the situation. Try to pause or change the game after a few big wins or a long period of no wins.

By following these simple tips, you can significantly increase the effectiveness of the gameplay. Play and win at Tigerishome online. The coins you win can be used with maximum benefit. At the same time, there are no investments of own money.

💎 Pros and Cons play in Tigerishome com sweepstakes

Naturally, there are no ideal projects. Each can have both pluses and minuses. However, the ratio of both is always different. As for the Tigerishome.com login on this online resource where you can play free coins, it opens up much more positive aspects for users than negative ones.

Pros (+) Cons (-)
Large selection of game genres (slots, card games, keno games, sagas) No mobile app for iOS or Android
Fast and easy registration without geolocation restrictions Relatively few games on Tigeris home
Convenient and well-adapted to different browsers website interface Limit on the number of demos available without authorization
Complete absence of risk of losing real money or cryptocurrency -
Opportunity to win real prizes or cash in Tiger is Home raffles -
The presence of a group on Facebook, allowing you to learn about the news and communicate -
Stable access to the site, the activity of which is absolutely legal -
The ability to develop an account and get access to new games -


💬 Reviews about Tiger is home

In my opinion, Tiger is home login is the best choice for those who want to have a good time playing slots. The games offered on the project are very interesting. The range is just for every taste. Well, those surprises that the admins have prepared for active players cannot but please even the most experienced users who play often and on different sites with sweeps coins.
I often have to travel around the country, and Tigerishome has become a real escape from boredom for me. During the game, time just flies by unnoticed. At the same time, unlike conventional casinos, there are no risks at all. By the way, in addition to pleasure and entertainment, you can benefit from this project. I strongly advise you to register, and you will quickly understand how to do it!
The site is very convenient and easy to use. The same can be said about games. I have been able to compare Tiger Home slots with similar online cash casino slots and I can confidently say that the returns are very high. There is, however, one drawback that I would like to be corrected. The project does not have mobile apps. Therefore, to play on a smartphone, you should avoid places with a weak Internet signal.
I have been playing on this site for more than two years, and I am very satisfied. At first I played without registration. However, I learned on one of the forums that registration opens up many more opportunities. Created my account and was not disappointed. Indeed, after Tigerishome login, access to new levels in the slots appears. In addition, your winnings can be put to good use. I strongly advise you to try it, and I assure you — there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of here!
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