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Tuthankhamons Gold

Who has not dreamed of finding the treasures hidden by the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago? King Tutankhamun in the Tuthankhamons Gold slot hides huge piles of wealth and gold, which he is not ready to part with without a fight. The client of the casino Tiger is Home will have to try very hard to get the treasures and make the pharaoh share them. The future lucky one should wish good luck and great patience.

✅ Overview and characteristics of the slot machine

The Tuthankhamons Gold slot machine is a video slot with 5 gaming reels. There are 15 symbols on the playing field, which help active lines to match paid chains. Pictures are placed in three rows. There are 9 game lines in the machine. The lines are activated by the individual choice of the player. But do not forget that stripes play an important role during the comparison of paid chains. The user's winnings directly depend on their number.

An exciting gaming platform with two special game symbols, a risky round, free spins and a themed design was created thanks to the hard work of Novomatic employees.

Tuthankhamons Gold is a traditional video slot with 5 spinning reels and 9 paylines.

✅ How to play slot machine

The Tuthankhamons Gold video slot is launched after the player sets the bet size per spin and activates the required number of lines to form paid combinations. The start of the game is launched by a special button located on the toolbar, only after setting the above parameters.

After the reels are launched, chains of symbols begin to form on the playing field, which bring generous cash payouts to the client. A combination of 3 or more images of the same type is subject to payment. Special symbols, actively functioning on the reels, help the user to select the desired symbols.

Each successful spin brings the user a cash payout that can be wagered in a risky game and try to double this amount.

The Tuthankhamons Gold slot machine offers the gamer an automatic gaming mode. When auto spins are enabled, the user rests and enjoys the accrual of prize payouts. New spins are launched automatically, and the casino client receives the profit.

You can test Tuthankhamons Gold video slot for free. To start playing for candy wrappers, you should not go through lengthy registrations or install the machine on a PC. To start the demo version of the game, just open the slot machine in your browser.

The keys that are located on the interface of the video slot help to control the gaming machine.

  • A new spin is launched by the Start button.
  • To activate the required number of game lines, the 1Line, 3Line, 5Line, 7Line & 9Line keys are used.
  • The size of the bet per spin of the reels is set by the Bet button.
  • The automatic mode is started by pressing the Auto play button.
  • The Help button gives players the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the rules, multipliers and payouts of the Tuthankhamons Gold slot machine.

✅ Symbols and coefficients

The pharaoh of ancient Egypt is the Wild symbol on the reels of the Tuthankhamons Gold video slot. The Wild symbol is actively functioning throughout the playing field. It serves to replace different types of images with the same type of images, thus forming decent prize payouts for the client. In addition, the appearance of the Wild symbol in combination with other paid symbols doubles the winnings.

The miracle of ancient Egypt - the Egyptian pyramid - a scatter symbol. The Scatter symbol on the playing field multiplies the payouts to the user by 2, 5, 20 and 500 times. It all depends on the number of symbols played on the reels. A multiplier of 2 is awarded for collecting 2 scatter symbols. 3 Scatter symbols multiply the client's winnings by 5 times. If you collect 4 scatter symbols on the screen at the same time, then the winnings are automatically multiplied by a factor of 20. 5 scatter symbols that simultaneously gather on the playing field can increase the winnings by 500 times.

Thematic signs and playing cards actively participate in the formation of winning combinations.

Paid combinations are formed from 3 or more identical symbols. The payout amount depends on the game coefficient and the bet placed by the client on the spins. An important role in the formation of winnings is assigned to the game lines, which determine the number of ways to match paid symbols.